Why a Full-Service Law Firm Best Serves Your Legal Needs

If you have diverse legal needs or think you may have such needs in the future, you would do well to consider a full-service law firm when you begin your search for the perfect attorney for you. But what exactly is a full-service law firm? Simply put, it is a firm large enough to attract and keep superior attorneys who have pursued a variety of specific academic educations and consequently have different legal backgrounds and experience. This multiplicity of expertise can serve you well.

Remember, the primary purpose of a law firm is to render legal services, including advice, counseling, advocacy, and representation to its clients. Therefore, the lawyers in that firm must have the education, knowledge, background, and skill to competently do their jobs.

Multiple Specialty Areas

The law impacts virtually every area of your life in one way or another. In fact, there is no such thing as “the law” per se. Rather, there’s a huge body of statutes, ordinances, regulations, etc. with which you must comply. No one person, no matter how intelligent or dedicated, can know everything about every area of the law.

While a solo practitioner or boutique law firm likely has experience in one or two areas of the law, a large full-service law firm has extensive experience in numerous areas of the law. Consequently, you can think of a full-service firm as one that provides you with a variety of boutique firms, all under one roof, so to speak. For instance, a full-service firm like the Tully Rinckey professionals can offer you the legal expertise you need in the following areas:

  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Employment law
  • Estate planning and elder law
  • Family and matrimonial law
  • Civil litigation
  • Municipal law
  • Real estate and litigation
  • Special education law

Extensive Staff

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2 Reasons to Have an Attorney for a DUI

One misconception about DUI charges is that they are unbeatable. Though law enforcement must have probable cause and sufficient evidence to charge an individual with a DUI, those factors alone are not enough to ensure a conviction. It is possible to beat a DUI charge with the help of a DUI attorney Fairfax VA. Here’s how.

Use Law Enforcement’s Mistakes to Strengthen Defense

Police officers must follow protocol when apprehending people they believe are operating their vehicles while intoxicated. This includes administering field sobriety and chemical testing properly, being uniform and in marked cars, making accurate reports, statements and observations, not including errors and inaccuracies on administrative paperwork, etc. Defendants often do not know their rights well enough nor the proper ways to gather evidence to discredit law enforcement’s mistakes to help them beat the charge. A DUI attorney has the expertise to use any mistakes that law enforcement makes to help build a solid defense.

Keeps Defendants From Making Matters Worse

Some people do not understand how serious a DUI charge is and how hard it is to overcome it. Even a first-time offender with no criminal record faces an uphill battle. Everyday actions like posting on social media, talking about the situation with friends and family and missing deadlines and court appearances can all have a serious and negative impact on one’s case. When dealing with a drunk driving charge, it is important for defendants to be on their best behavior and to be mindful of the company they keep in the days leading up to their trial. A good attorney can offer guidance on how defendants can and should act to lessen the seriousness and consequences of their charges.

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Should I Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation. While specific situations such as being intoxicated or causing a self-inflicted injury will most likely be denied, most work injuries should receive coverage regardless of who is to blame for the injury. However, if you are experiencing issues with insurance or receiving the coverage you need, you should seek help from a workers’ compensation lawyer. If you meet any of the following criteria, consider getting legal help right away.

Your Worker’s Compensation Case Has Been Denied or Left Unanswered

While there are many reasons an insurance company might try to deny your claim, you should seek assistance from a lawyer before attempting to appeal the denial. The appeal process often requires you to provide evidence that your injury was work-related and state your case at a hearing. You have a much better chance of being successful if you hire a lawyer to represent you. You should also quickly get in contact with a lawyer if a lot of time has passed since submitting your case without receiving a response.

You Are Not Receiving Adequate Medical Treatment

If you were released from your doctor’s care but you feel you are still in need of medical treatment or the insurance company is delaying an expensive medical treatment you need, a lawyer can help ensure you get the treatment you need in a timely manner. You should also seek help if you were assigned a disability rating from the doctor that you feel is lower than you are entitled to.

You Are Not Receiving Adequate Compensation

Sometimes an insurance company might understate your average weekly wage, which directly affects how much you’re compensated for the injury. Another problematic situation that sometimes occurs is not receiving weekly checks even … Read More