From the ancient writings of all known peoples, there have been stories of marriage festivities. Since it has long been considered a time of celebration, it is sometimes difficult for people to believe that divorce is just as ancient as marriage. Here are a few things you may not know about the ancient institution of divorce.

1. Ease

Divorce is seen differently in different cultures and by different societies. While Islamic law allowed a man to divorce by claiming “I divorce you” in front of judges three times, some societies forbade men from divorcing, no matter what the reason. Although it is still not easy in modern times, it is easier to get a divorce by contacting your family law attorney Columbia MD today than it has been in centuries.

2. Stigma

For hundreds of years, there was a stigma associated with divorce, and for some women, this meant being shunned as undesirable or tainted. As recently as the 1920s, men and women were treated very differently by the courts, and divorce could only be obtained under the grounds of abuse, abandonment, or adultery.

3. Religion

The Roman Catholic Church forbade even the kings and queens of England from divorce, so King Henry XIII created the Anglican Church so he could get divorced. There are still some religious institutions around the world that demand parishioners stay married, but divorce is becoming more common across all religions.

4. Politics

As divorce became more prevalent and as people flocked to Nevada to get one in the 1960s, politicians recognized the need to make the laws more open and accepting of legal separation. No-fault divorces became accepted, and more states allowed the stigma free divorce standing.

Divorce is an ancient legal document created to unbind what marriage binds. As men and women learn more about what they want out of life, it is good to know they can ask for a divorce with no legal repercussions. Divorce is not a bad thing; in fact, sometimes it is a great thing.