legal theoryWorldwide arbitration readily lends itself to a legal idea analysis. The ethical philosophy pie could be cut in some ways, however the conventional slicing divides normative moral principle into three sorts: (1) deontological ethical theories (e.g. Kant and contractualism), (2) consequentialist moral concept (e.g. utilitarianism and welfarism), and (3) aretaic moral theories (e.g. virtue ethics).

Hart, HLA (1961) – The Idea of Regulation (Chapter 1). Bix, B (2006) – Jurisprudence: Theory and Context (4th ed) (Chapters 1 and a pair of). Theories like Kant’s moral philosophy have had a profound influence on the idea of equity and on the conception of rights that is at the heart of deontological legal concept.

The Feminism and Legal Concept Venture started in 1984 by Martha A. Fineman at the University of Wisconsin Regulation College. Methodologically, B-modules enable college students to deal with issues of translation and reception of foreign legal orders conceptionally.

In particular, her doctoral investigation explores the professional rules of freedom of the press and expression in Chile, contemplating how the Inter-American system of human rights has interpreted this freedom as a cornerstone for a democratic society.

Regulation students with a background in philosophy are sure to notice the strong influence of ethical philosophy on authorized pondering. So, the speculation of constitutional patriotism gives an explanatory mannequin for a historical development of a democratic constitutional system. She has been a MacArthur Basis Visiting Scholar at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, researching the role of human rights awareness in promoting transitions to democracy. I shall use the phrase judicial wisdom” to confer with a judge’s possession of the virtue of phronesis or sensible knowledge: the good decide should possess practical knowledge in her collection of the right legal ends and means. The part-time LLM is basically geared toward legal practitioners working full-time within the UK. You’ll attend the identical modules and comply with the identical instructing timetable as full-time college students.