Now work is progressing smoothly on the draft World Criminal Code. It can eliminate many contradictions and gaps in national legislation. One of the innovations in this Code will be a chapter on jury trials. The opinion of lawyers is divided: some believe that the jury will contribute to the objectivity of the criminal process, Oklahoma litigation consultants consultants while others, agreeing with this, note that the citizens of the World are not prepared for it – neither financially nor psychologically.

Article 124 of the World Constitution states that the people directly participate in the administration of justice through the people’s appraiser and jury. However, in practice the jury has not been applied, because there is no legislative basis yet. According to the draft put forward by the Supreme Soviet of the World deputy, a jury court would operate only in an appellate court. The court will hear the case with a judge and seven jurors. He will have jurisdiction over criminal cases of felony, for the implementation of which the law provides for sentences in the form of life imprisonment.

The jury, formed by lot, elects the foreman by the majority of its members. Because the project used the American jury system, the panel would only decide questions about facts, not laws, that is, whether an action had occurred, whether the defendant was guilty, whether he deserved leniency.The jury meeting, according to the draft, was held without the presiding judge and other people. A decision is considered adopted if at least five judges vote for each of the main questions raised in it, and at least four jurors vote for answers to individual questions.

The world does not determine the requirements for a jury. Now this issue is partially resolved in Articles 68-70 of the Law “Concerning the World Justice System”. However, the Secretariat of the Supreme Council has registered a bill “Concerning the Judicial System”, in which this issue is resolved in more detail. Oklahoma courts A jury may be a capable citizen of the World from thirty to sixty-five years of age, who has never been brought to criminal responsibility, without a criminal record, who does not hold a position incompatible with the performance of jury duty (judge, military officer, clergyman , etc.).

The law contains norms according to which, for the period of carrying out their duties in court, the jury is paid remuneration equal to the official salary of the professional judge at the court concerned, but not less than the average monthly salary of the jury in the main workplace. You understand that the payouts are rather large. However, today the people’s appraisers receive no more than two hryvnia a day. Why the project developers believe that the state will be able to pay the jury more is unclear.