Protecting Yourself

One of the hardest aspects of domestic abuse is that it can sometimes be so subtle and manipulative that you don’t even realize it’s happening to you. While physical violence is quite blatant in its abuse, mental and emotional abuse is a little less easy to spot. However, both of these are still considered to be domestic abuse. These signs can help you determine if you’re being abused at home, so you can accurately search for a domestic abuse lawyer Hernando County FL to receive the justice that you deserve.

1. Separation From Family And Friends

One of the initial signs that you’re being domestically abused is if your abuser starts to keep you separated from your family and friends. While spending a night inside instead of going out to see everyone isn’t necessarily ill-intentioned, it does raise some flags if the abuser continues to cancel plans for you. Perhaps they physically keep you from seeing your family. This is an attempt to control you and your life. If you notice your spouse or partner keeping you separated from others in your life, then you may be being abused.

2. Controls Money

Another sign of abuse is if your spouse or partner controls all of the money. Even if you work and bring in your income, if you’re not allowed to spend or even see that money, then you’re being abused. You have a right to control your money if you are sound of mind and judgment. Your spouse or partner sees access to money as a way to control you. They can keep you from running away or buying things that they seem threatening to their control.

3. Fear

One final sign that you’re being domestically abused is if you fear your partner or spouse. Perhaps you feel that you have to walk on eggshells around them sometimes. That is not a healthy home. You’re being domestically abused.