examples of laws

The law is called after George Kingsley Zipf, an early twentieth century American linguist. Zipf popularized Zipf’s law and sought to explain it, although he did not declare to have originated it. Wike’s legislation of low odd primes, a precept of design of experiments, was acknowledged by Sir Ronald A. Fisher in 1935 but named by Edwin Wike in 1973. Stigler’s regulation, attributed by Stephen Stigler himself to Robert K. Merton, though the phenomenon had beforehand been noted by others. Snell’s legislation of refraction, named after Willebrord Snellius, a Dutch scientist, also referred to as Descartes legislation of refraction (after RenĂ© Descartes) was found by Ibn Sahl. Poe’s regulation, formally stated by Nathan Poe in 2005, however following Internet norms going again so far as Jerry Schwarz in 1983.

Boyle’s legislation, which stipulates the reciprocal relation between the pressure and the volume of a fuel, was first famous by Richard Towneley and Henry Power. In France, the law is known as Mariotte’s law, after Edme Mariotte, who published his results later than Boyle, but crucially added that the relation holds only when temperature is stored constant. Betteridge’s regulation of headlines, stating that when a headline asks a (sure-no) query, the … Read More