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The Fundamentals of a Drunk Driving Settlement

As you regain consciousness on the ambulance stretcher, you begin to realize the extent of your injuries. To begin, paramedics respond to your wounds and look for evidence of a concussion, which has rendered you unable to feel your legs. According to the doctors at the hospital where you are being treated, your injuries were caused by a drunk driver.

Even though you’re grateful to be alive, you’re also aware of the long road ahead of you in order to recover. To make matters worse, while you’re in the hospital, you’re also out of work, which costs a lot of money. How are you going to make ends meet?

The majority of your financial losses, including lost pay, are most likely covered by insurance. In cases where there is no doubt that the driver was intoxicated, settlements are more likely to be pursued than trials. However, in order to receive the compensation you deserve, you must first learn about your state’s insurance laws, policy limits, no-fault insurance laws, and so on.

You were hit by a drunk driver? You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

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Guide For Construction Workers’ Compensation Claims

A construction accident victim’s legal rights or financial interests must be safeguarded. Employees’ compensation, personal injury lawsuits, or a combination of the two may be offered to compensate injured workers. Workers who have been hurt in a construction accident may use this information and learn more from an experienced Seattle construction accident lawyer to assist them through the claims process.


Injured construction workers must be ready to take action to safeguard their health, safety, or legal rights once an accident occurs. You must accept the following steps if injured while working on the construction site:

  • Notify Your Employer Of The Accident 

Injured employees in Washington state are required by law to notify their employer of their injury. Workers’ compensation claims begin with this phase.

  • Get A Doctor’s Consultation

Medical attention should be sought for all wounded personnel. Seeing a doctor is essential to keeping yourself healthy and safe. If you’ve been injured at work, your doctor should help you file a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Take Pictures Of Your Injuries To Help Prove Your Case

If possible, take proactive efforts to obtain evidence and record your injuries from the construction site … Read More

3 Important Agreements in Your Marriage Settlement

Rarely is divorce an easy process. Yet, compromise can make things go a little smoother. A marital settlement agreement Tampa helps to iron out the details.

A marital settlement agreement is a legally binding document. It lays out the terms in which you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree is the best way to end the marriage. These terms can cover a range of topics such as child custody, division of property, child support and any other details relevant to your situation.

Here are three imperative things to ensure the process ends smoothly and fairly for everybody.

Identify and Divide Assets

Generally, the average couple has a variety of assets such as a house, vehicles and electronics. Some assets are separate and others are considered marital property.

Talk with your spouse to decide who will own different items once the marriage dissolves. Knowing how everything will be divided clears up any confusion. If you are fortunate to have civil interactions, making these decisions should not be an issue.

However, you might need help and guidance from a divorce attorney. They can speak on your behalf to find the best resolution for everyone.

Decide Who is Responsible for Debts

You and your … Read More

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