Being arrested and booked into jail is an expensive endeavor in more ways than one. Along with robbing you of your freedom, it can also hit your pocketbook severely. You may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to secure your release from jail.

When you do not have enough money in your bank account to pay for your bail or bond, you may need to use other sources of financing to raise the cash quickly. You can go online to find out more about short term loans, payday advances, and Delaware County bail bonds today.

Understanding Your Contract

The bail bonds agent that you contact from jail will not front the money for your release with no strings attached. In fact, you will be required to enter into a legally binding contract with the bail bonds company and expected to uphold your end of the proverbial bargain if you want to avoid going to back to jail.

Before you sign your contract, you may want to find out what the details of it are so you know what is expected of you. You can find out most of the details on the website for the bail bonds company. However, the agent may also explain the terms to you before you sign.

For example, you may need to put up some type of collateral to secure a cash bond. The collateral can be your paycheck, a car without a lien on it, or another asset. If you default on the bond, you will forfeit the asset and have it levied or sold to satisfy your debt. You also will face being arrested for not making your bond payments.

These and other terms will be in the contract you will be expected to sign with the bail bonds agent. Your freedom depends on how well you satisfy these terms. If you fail to show up in court on your scheduled appearance dates or do not make your bond payments, you will be arrested and sent back to jail and be charged with skipping out on bail.