How to Register a Company in Cyprus for Foreigners

Cyprus is one of the best-performing economy in the European Union. In 2018, the country’s economy grew by more than. This was more than triple the European Union average. There are several reasons for this. The most important is that foreign direct investment has continued to move into the country. Multinational companies are investing billions in the country. In this article, we will look at the best process for foreigners to register companies in Cyprus.


Why Companies Register Companies in Cyprus

There are several reasons why many companies are opting to register their companies in Cyprus. First, Cyprus is a well-known tax haven. The corporate tax rate is about . This is significantly lower than that of the European Union average, which stands at more than . Second, Cyprus is a member of the European Union. This gives companies access to a large market. Third, Cyprus is relatively cheaper to run a company. In addition, they value the strategic location, high security levels, and the good weather.


Buy a Shell Company

One of the best and easiest ways of registering a company in Cyprus is to buy a shell company. This is also known as a briefcase company. … Read More


What Does It Mean To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Drowning in debt is no way to live life. You were treading water for a while, but now you finally give up. You can no longer keep up with the mounting bills, late fees and rising interest rates. You finally decide that bankruptcy is the only way to escape this vicious cycle – and the harassing calls from collectors. However, you aren’t sure what happens during the process. If you choose to file under Chapter 7, take a look a what you might expect.

What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Do?

For individuals seeking relief from debt, there are usually two ways to go about getting it: Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. Bankruptcy under either chapter stops all collection activity. Once your chapter 7 lawyer Orlando FL files your petition with the court, a notice goes to all creditors listed in the petition. This immediately puts an end to the harassing activity. A judge will assign a trustee to go through your debts and assets and determine how much you can afford to pay. Once these things are sorted out, the trustee will start negotiating with creditors to pay them.

Can the Court Take Things?

Under Chapter 7, assets are … Read More


Divorce Is Nothing New

From the ancient writings of all known peoples, there have been stories of marriage festivities. Since it has long been considered a time of celebration, it is sometimes difficult for people to believe that divorce is just as ancient as marriage. Here are a few things you may not know about the ancient institution of divorce.

1. Ease

Divorce is seen differently in different cultures and by different societies. While Islamic law allowed a man to divorce by claiming “I divorce you” in front of judges three times, some societies forbade men from divorcing, no matter what the reason. Although it is still not easy in modern times, it is easier to get a divorce by contacting your family law attorney Columbia MD today than it has been in centuries.

2. Stigma

For hundreds of years, there was a stigma associated with divorce, and for some women, this meant being shunned as undesirable or tainted. As recently as the 1920s, men and women were treated very differently by the courts, and divorce could only be obtained under the grounds of abuse, abandonment, or adultery.

3. Religion

The Roman Catholic Church forbade even the kings and queens of England from divorce,

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